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High volume conveyor system/SAP LES communication

What is the recommended solution for communication between a high volume Conveyor System and SAP LES - with peak transactions of over 100 per minute?

Let me assume that you cannot afford to lose single messages during peak times caused by an unavailable SAP instance. In such a case the only acceptable solution with respect to a best practice approach is to handle the messages through a message queuing system (MQ, also known as middleware software) unless your conveyor system is able to handle congestions in the outbound pipe.

Imagine during peak time, that your SAP instance is overloaded and thus delays the processing of your incoming messages. If this is the case the system will not be able to receive new messages anymore. In other words, R/3 will slow down because it is overflowed with new messages and the application will eat up all CPU time to handle the messages and at the same no new messages will be accepted anymore, because of no CPU time available.

That is why you ultimately need to decouple the sender and the receiver. For the same reason it is mandatory that the MQ runs on a separate box, which must also be powerful enough to receive messages without delay and eventually send them over to R/3.

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