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Hierarchy variables vs. buttons

I have two questions concerning functionalities of SEM BPS 3.0 / 3.1b for a new project of mine:

1. When you are using the planning function 'distribution', I think it's only possible to use a hierarchy node through the use of a variable and not through these nice new buttons to select directly a hierarchy node... Is that correct?

2. Anyway, the buttons (to select directly a hierarchy node) are there but they are grayed out in the parameter group. Do you have to do something particular to have them available in the distribution function (e.g. distribution according to reference data from sender to receiver?) Also, regarding the allocation I noticed that if you want to work with e.g. a cost center group ( which is equal to a node in a BW hierarchy) you need to enter manually "eg in trigger" all the cost centers belonging to a cost center group. Apparently, in the field cost center which you selected in the allocation, there is no possibility to use a variable nor a hierarchy node.

1. This is correct for all planning applications in BPS. That is the only straightforward way to use hierarchies in your planning applications.

2. To my understanding, there are several ways to overcome such a problem which may suit your case:
Use variables despite the fact that they are not as powerful as you have expected, but you can use them as input variables in your planning folders. You can select these entries while running your function.
For the allocation case, I have faced the same problem in one of my previous projects and had overcame this by appending Cost Center infoobject in BW and populating this field while uploading Cost Center master data. This way, I was able to use Cost Center group instead of individual cost centers.

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