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Hiding compensation data in SAP BW

Expert Sam Gassem suggests a method by which data might be encrypted in SAP BW to protect it from prying eyes.

I have a scenario in which I need to hide data related to compensation in SAP BW. We are extracting data from R/3; we don't want our support people to view this information at object level (like PSA).

Can we use some function module to encrypt the data and decrypt the data in SAP BEx customer exits?

And is it good practice not to design PSA but to load directly into the data target so that we don't need to worry about security for PSA?

As far as I know there is no function in BW to do what you looking for. What is comes to my mind is that you can write an ABAP to encrypt the data to load to PSA and decode it by another ABAP in Update rules.

PSA is nice to have in case if you need to correct some records and reload failed data. If you do not want to do ABAP, you can delete PSA as soon you confirm the data is loaded correctly into your InfoProvider.

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