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Help setting up an output determination in SD to send an e-mail

I need to set up an output determination in SD to send an e-mail to a customer. My assumption is that we need to...

use an SAPscript form and assign to the output determination using medium 5 (external send) -- but I am not sure if it will work to send the SAPscript from the GUI once. We need somehow to save the output in a different format (maybe in UNIX) to send externally. We are using SAPconnector here.

If your SD output configuration is set up correctly, an e-mail from SAP using medium 5 should go through just fine via SAPconnect (transaction SCOT). When it works, the external recipient should receive an e-mail with a PDF attachment containing the form image, regardless of whether it has been created via SAPscript or Smart Forms. Depending on your output determination settings, this even can happen in the background, without any interaction with the SAP front end (e.g. for invoices created automatically by a batch job).

Typically, a failed send will be flagged in the message control table (NAST), and this table should be monitored closely. However, there are many reasons why a document hasn't gone through, and this can be the case with both outgoing faxes and e-mails from SAP. The solution to both is the same: After identifying the failed document, re-send it manually by going inside it in change mode and repeating the appropriate output. If an obsolete customer e-mail address was the culprit, a customer master change would also be required, along with an audit of any docs recently created for this customer.

If any underlying data has changed since initial issuance, a re-sent document may not appear identical to the (failed) original. Sometimes, as when address info has been corrected, this can be a good thing. After all, the new document is more accurate than the old one.

In other cases, such as when pricing info has changed, it might be a cause for serious concern. There are several ways to deal with this concern:

1) Limit the types of changes allowed on certain docs after creation
2) Set up a doc image archive via ArchiveLink and re-issue output from there instead of from the current doc; or
3) For highly sensitive docs, consider a more secure delivery method.

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