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Help! My BEx report is rounding up values

Hi Peter,
We have a cube "CO-OM-CCA: Statistical Key Figures 0CCA_C03" updated with data from R/3. The key figures used here are the quantity entered last (ZQQTYLAST), stock quantity (QUANT_AVRG) and quantity (QUANTITY). We have data for some of the cost centers, for example, the stock quantity as 7.5 or 5.5.

But the BEx report is rounding up these values to 8 and 5 -- the BW report is not giving decimals. Can you help me determine the exact values in the BEx report?

You can define display settings for a key figure from the properties menu. From the query designer, right-click on a key figure in the columns pane and choose properties. Under "number of decimal places," choose 0. Repeat this step for the other key figures and then re-execute your query.

If you have defined custom templates in the BEx Analyzer, you may have to change the Excel settings for the columns to show more decimals as well. Usually, however, it's just the properties setting in the query designer that is limiting the display.

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