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Heading down the competency-based path

We are looking to head down the path of SAP being competency-based. Have you been down this road or thinking of...

heading down it? I would appreciate any feedback/info I can obtain from any source.

I am assuming for competency-based you mean that you are going to require an evaluation at the end of the training that will indicate level of knowledge and proficiency rather then just an evaluation of the class. There are several ways to do this via a written/online test or a practical test on the system. I have worked in several areas in which we have used competency exams based upon the materials presented and then presented each of the individuals with a certificate of completion. It helps with bringing the attention to the material by focusing the end user but it can also be intimidating. One of the rules of thumb, is that the test is able to be taken as many times as needed until competency is reached, depending on how you define competency. It's either P/F/, better then 70 or 80 % or whatever your parameters are. They do need to be clearly stated and it's good to provide other avenues for those who need to take the competencies several times another forum to learn via lunch 'n learn, labs or a practice area in which to prepare.

This was last published in November 2002

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