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Hardware sizing for BW

In this expert response, Sam Gassem describes a new solution that SAP offers for hardware sizing called the Quick Sizer.

Can you please discuss hardware sizing for BW?
SAP has a Quick Sizer Tool that makes the sizing of mySAP Business Suite easy.

Quick Sizer
Initial hardware sizing to support your business

The Quick Sizer is a Web-based tool designed to make the sizing of mySAP Business Suite easier and faster. It has been developed by SAP in close cooperation with all platform partners and is free of cost. With the Quick Sizer you can translate business requirements into technical requirements. The results you obtain can help you select an economically balanced system that matches your company's business goals.

The Quick Sizer calculates CPU, disk and memory resource categories based on throughput numbers, and the number of users working with the different mySAP Business Suite components in a hardware and database independent format. The purpose of the tool is to give customers and prospects an idea about the size of the system necessary to run the proposed workload. This is especially useful for initial budget planning.

Sizing is an iterative process that continuously brings together customers, hardware vendors and SAP, so that, for example, direct links to SAP's hardware vendors facilitate the tendering procedure.

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