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HR Recruitment and HR travel

We are implementing HR Recruitment and HR travel. We would like to enter travel expenses for the applicants we bring on site for interviews. It seems that travel will only accept a pernr, not an applicant number. Surely, we don't have to create a pernr for every person we interview? Can you shed any light on how SAP wants us to handle travel cost for interviewees?

This is a long-standing wish list item but it would appear that at the moment you cannot. The reason is that the Personnel Administration records have a transaction code class (TCLAS) of 'A', and the Recruitment master data records have a TCLAS of 'B'. The travel expense module is only enabled for the Personnel Administration transaction code class. The typical scenarios that are used are either for a separate mini-master is set up for a personnel area that can be excluded from the payroll process on an ongoing basis, thus allowing for the reimbursement of travel, or simply to have the Accounts Payable system cut the checks. The mini-master option may involve some duplication of entry if you are storing information in the applicant administration system ? not all applicants will be necessarily subject to travel reimbursement.

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