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HAHT vs. SAP Portal 5.0

For customer facing and Customer Service portals, do portket vendors such as HAHT offer any substantial advantages compared to SAP Portal 5.0 with iViews to SAP transactions, etc.

HAHT, as well as other vendors, provide Functional Web sites rather true portals, targeted for a specific user community in mind. Oftentimes, they provide tools and technologies and some level of pre-defined content. However, you end up doing a lot more integration work yourself. Also how they integrate with non-transactional applications, such as collaboration tools, BI tools and Internet Content, requires quite a bit work. HAHT has been quite powerful when it comes to 'web-enabling' R/3 transactions. But simply web-enabling transactional systems does not make it an enterprise Portal. Again the advantage of SAP Portal 5.0 is a robust integrated platform for Enterprise level portals. Where SAP R/3 is only one data source.

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