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Group Workflows

Did you know SAP workflows can be routed to individuals and groups of people, even grouped by position? Alon Raskin explains options for workfow recipients.

Everyone in our workgroup currently receives Workflows that are specifically routed to them. The problem is that we work as a group. How do we set up Workflow so that everyone in the group gets all the same Workflows? That way, we can work tasks on a first-come, first-served basis as each of us completes the previous task.
You can route your work item to a Org Unit (a group if you will). An Org Unit can be a team or department or any collection of users (or positions). That way, when a work item is sent to the Org Unit, it is received by all the users or positions assigned to that Org Unit. You should seek further advice from your local SAP Workflow or HR consultant.

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