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Granting vacation days for a new year

I have an ongoing issue with quota accrual. All of my clients get vacation awarded on 1/1 of each year. With the...

current accrual system in SAP, the only way I know to get vacation "loaded" on 1/1 is to actually load it on 12/31 using the year leading up to 12/31 as the base year. I set the validity from transfer date (12/31) to 12 months from transfer date. I set the deduction date from start of validity + 1 day to end of validity. This is necessary because if the validity period is set at 1/1, the system won't process the quota on 12/31--no valid validity period... I am discovering that this works GREAT the first year, but NOT on any subsequent year, the vacation balance just gets replaced/increased without changing the validity date and deduction date. How do I accomplish this?

Has time evaluation been set up to move the current year end Time to another quota or are you just replacing/increasing this at the end of the year? If there is another quota to move to, this should work. Hope this helps.

This was last published in January 2002

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