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Going from Baan to SAP

I implemented the manufacturing, distribution and the process modules for Baan (ERP) for five years. Since the...

Baan market in North America (particularly Canada, which is the country I reside in) is not a suitable market anymore, I wanted to get into the SAP practice without success. Any good suggestions? If there's one "magic ingredient" to getting into SAP practice, it's experience. In lieu of that, some training and "fast talking" will probably be required to find your way into a position. I don't mean "fast talking" in the sense of snowing anybody, but rather in the sense of explaining how your Baan knowledge and hard-earned experience translate into the SAP marketplace. Focus on whatever reasons are most likely to faithfully meet prospective employer's needs and ones that reflect your knowledge, skills and abilities. Demand for SAP professionals being what it is right now -- very strong, as you yourself appear to recognize -- perhaps you might consider hiring on with a consulting or "body shop" outfit that specializes in placing temporary workers into project-oriented jobs. By finding ways to dig into SAP environments, work on implementations or maintenance and generally up your skills and knowledge, you should become increasingly better equipped to find your way into something more permanent as time goes by.

HTH, and good luck!

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