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Getting users to enter right amount of characters in materials field

We have the number range from ABC11111111111 to ABC99999999999(14 digits) for materials. When we create a material in MM01 -- If we enter, say ABC222 -- it accepts it because we know that this lies within the number range. But what we want is that as soon as the user enters less than 14 characters... It should show an error message and this should happen as soon as the user goes to the next field.

Use a field exit. Prior to 4.6c, this is accessed from the CMOD menu. On 4.6c, execute RSMODPRF from SE38. Instructions for how to use it are in the program documentation.

Your field exit will just need to check that the material number is 14 digits.

You can also use transaction OMSL to configure other properties of the material number, such as maximum length.

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