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Getting the most out of a new application server

Our current landscape:
release 3.1H
Windows NT4.0
Installation: database with central instance on one server.
We have purchased a new application server and wish to utilize it for performance reasons since we are upgrading to release 4.6C. Is it better to install the new server as a dialogue instance and leave the old server running the database and central instance, or should we install the central instance on the new server and leave the old one as a dedicate database instance. In the latter case what is the procedure I have to follow? To I have to de-install the central instance from the old server?

Any help would be appreciated.

I don't know what hardware configuration the server feature but I still would recommend that you set up the new server as a central instance and leave the old one as the database server. This way, you don't have to move the database files (they maybe quite large). Setting up a dialog instance would not improve the performance much.

I would recommend you perform a complete off-line backup on the old system before changing anything. This way, you can always bring it back to its previous configuration.
Then: stop the R/3 shares, remove the R/3 directories (usrsap and even usersinstall) and the environment variables. Then install the database instance but make sure the R3setup does not overwrite your database files. For this, you can edit the .R3s template file and bypass the database creation phase. Finally, you can install the central instance on the new server.

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