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Getting started with writing sales order code for SAP ABAP, BW

A SearchSAP.com reader is new to SAP ABAP and SAP BW, and wants to know how to write a correct piece of code in trying to write a clear work statement.

I am quite new to SAP BW and SAP ABAP programming, and am trying to write the following piece of code:

Read table it_salesord assigning <fs_salesord>
With table key doc_number eq comm_structure-doc_number. 

Is this correct? How can I go on to writing a clear statement?

Nearly correct:

Read table it_salesord assigning <fs_salesord> 
with table key doc_number = comm_structure-doc_number.

Then to clear one of the fields:

CLEAR <fs_salesord>-fieldname

With field-symbols, I don't use <fs_...> as naming. The angle brackets are unique to field symbols, so it really is unnecessary.

The best way to learn SAP ABAP is to go on a SAP training course. Some companies are reluctant to do this for SAP BW analysts. However, a good programmer can really make a difference in performance and maintainability of the ABAP required for many BW models. If you can't do a training course, then visit SAP Press -- they've many useful books. You could also try Amazon.com or similar online book sellers! Also, don't forget to read the ABAP help, by pressing F1 when your cursor is in a keyword -- that will tell you how to use each command.

This was last published in March 2010

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