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Getting spreadsheet data with 79+ characters into SAP

Our HR team has been having difficulty finding a solution to populate infotype 1002 (Description Infotype) with...

data more than 79 characters using SAP accelerated spread sheets and Win Runner software. We have a few thousand records that need to have the 1002 infotype populated for objects like Jobs and Business Event Types that have long descriptions into the General Description or Notes subtype field. Using Accelerated spread sheets the values entered are truncated by the SAP accelerated spread sheet itself when it makes the text file for loading the data. Also, when SAP loads the data from the text file in SAP, those records that are longer than 79 characters truncate as well. If you have a solution to getting this data into SAP from outside spreadsheets other than the manual cut & paste method, please share this knowledge with our team.

If this is not working, have you tried linking the document description directly into SAP? If you click on the link it should take you to the document and you would not need to load the info instead you would have the link directly in the infotype out to your servers.

This was last published in April 2002

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