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Getting reports on monthly benefit costs

We are currently using SAP HR 4.6c. Payroll is interfaced and outsourced to a third party. There is no feedback from Payroll to SAP HR. Some of our benefit plans are fully funded by the Company. In the HR delivered report, HRBEN0074 Cost and Contributions, the report pulls the cost based on the payroll frequency (weekly or semi- monthly). How can I get the report to provide the monthly cost of the benefit? We do not have accumulators set up since we are not using SAP payroll. If I choose to write an Ad Hoc Query, how do I get the system to calc the cost monthly?

This would have to be either manually created in an excel spreadsheet, or your report could be written to calculate the costs. Since you are not utilizing the accumulators, I do not see a way to do this without writing a manual calculation.

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