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Getting going with SAP SD

I have been working in Sales and Distribution for the past two years, but I'm now considering switching to SAP SD as a functinal consultant with my reputed MBA from the best business school in India. I have learned SAP SD from a private IT institute, but I am unable to get any jobs in this area as I don't have any real experience. How do I get going with SAP SD?
From your question, I can't determine whether or not you are based in the U.S., and that is important, because my primary expertise is in the U.S. market. Having said that, I think your question is less about SD, and more about the nature of the SAP market in general. Rephrased, your question is: "how do you break into the SAP market with no experience?" Of course, I have answered that question many times in this column, and the answer does vary based on your overall industry background. Since you do have a good educational background, and you do have some relevant experience and certification, you are about as well-positioned to break into SAP as you can get. But, you can only do as well as the market allows you to. If you can't find a job, then the market is sending you a message. The challenge is translating that message into an appropriate response. One option is to become more flexible: you may find that there are good opportunities out there that are not SAP-specific. Or, you may find that there are opportunities with companies running SAP that are worth pursuing, even if your first role will not be SAP-specific. Another option, of course, is to pursue additional training. And while I don't really recommend that course, you should keep in mind that the growth area in SAP that pertains to your skills is not SD, but CRM. SAP CRM is where the cutting edge functionality is being added, and to me, there is a greater chance of breaking into SAP CRM because the product has not been around for nearly as long as the core SD module. Whenever you're having trouble breaking into SAP, another tactic is to try to anticipate where SAP is going by pursuing training and skills that are more on the cutting edge. Good luck assessing your options.

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