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Getting certified in SAP business process analysis

I'm a business process analyst for our SAP system Warehouse Management (WM) module. I'd like to get certified in SAP for this field. Is the best choice the supply chain certification? Plus, where would I find a guide to which courses to pursue and in what order?
If by "best" you mean "the area where the most job and consulting opportunities appear to be," then I'd agree that a supply chain cert is the right way to go. OTOH, if you've got special interests -- such as the Warehouse Management module, as you indicate in your e-mail -- this is a field that's ripe with opportunities in many areas, including that one. If you've already been working in that side of the SAP world, it might make more sense to pursue opportunities based on what you already know.

My advice is: Weigh the time, cost and effort for pursuing SCM certification in two ways. First, do an ROI analysis to calculate how long it will take to pay back that investment (by itself, that should be pretty informative). Second, compare the opportunity cost of sticking with the WM module and working with what you know against changing areas; then turn the tables. My advice is to choose the path that maximizes the return on your time and effort (and perhaps money, if you decide on certification, and your employer won't or can't foot the bill).

HTH, and thanks for posting.

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