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Getting back to SAP after a few years in sales

I was trained in SD and ABAP/4 on SAP v. 3.1H years ago and was in a SD project 3 years ago on v. 4.0B. In the interim, I have been in Selling IT consulting services. I wish to restart a SAP career but do not know where to start from.
Kindly suggest possible steps.

Unfortunately, the "shelf life" of SAP skills is very short. Dusting off those old skills in a sluggish IT market is going to be a real challenge. It seems to me that you are eager to get more involved in hands-on implementation work again. My suggestion would be to use your recent sales experience to your advantage, perhaps by moving into a pre-sales role which requires a balance of technical and sales abilities. If you can get your feet wet technically again, you'll be headed in the right direction. Honestly, it doesn't matter right now if your technical exposure is SAP-specific or not. As I've noted in previous columns, getting experience in Internet-based technologies such as Java and XML, and learning all you can about Internet-enabled business processes like supply chain management, will really help you. At this point, you're better off trying to anticipate where SAP is going than trying to catch it from behind.

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