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Getting SAP training while waiting for a US green card

I'm not quite sure about what type of training I should take. I started using SAP in South Africa and have been configuring and implementing SAP project systems and fixed assets modules since 1991. I have 18 months experience from my last two clients in release 4.6c. I am 51 and a qualified accountant. I have over 18 years of business experience as an auditor and accountant. I also have over 12 years experience in the IT sector as a COBOL programmer and as a systems analyst/designer. My company in South Africa converted to SAP and I gained 5 years experience in SAP before coming to USA in 1996 as a consultant. I have consulted at 5 clients, two of them resulting in contracts extending over more than two years. I am in the final stages of getting a green card and hope to have this finalized within the next 3 months. Right now I'm struggling to find a contract because a lot of firms won't consider working through third parties - in my case, my green card sponsor. Your comments on SAP training/certification make interesting reading. It seems that I should concentrate on MySAP training at this point. I have also worked on other modules within the FI/CO areas and am willing to formalize my experience with certifications. Any advice on where to find mySAP training/certification that is recognized and broadly accepted as a professional credential will be appreciated.
Despite your detailed description, you haven't really told me exactly what you specialize in within SAP, so I can't recommend specific SAP training options for you. However, I can definitely recommend that you get your training directly from SAP. Since they let individuals into their training now, why not go to the source? SAP has an education section on its Web site that will get you started. And, as usual, I recommend choosing the hottest training that is most relevant to your current skills and experience. As for your concentration on training right now, I agree. The fact that you are in the middle of green card processing changes everything. Now is the time to stock up on all the training and research you can get your hands on. Hang in there till you get your green card, then your freedom of movement will be greatly increased. With a green card in hand, you'll get a much better idea of how marketable you really are, and what further skills you might need to acquire.

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