Generating a license key in SAP Solution Manager

How to use SAP Solution Manager (SSM) to generate a license key without the installation number.

I am about to install SAP ECC 6.0 (NW2004s). I need SAP Solution Manager to generate the license key. I have SSM installed with a different client number and installation number. Is it possible to use this SSM to generate the key? My new client does not have the necessary hardware to install his own SSM.

Yes you can. The installation number is not needed to generate an installation or upgrade key.

The procedure to obtain the installation or upgrade key is as follows:

  • Log onto the Solution Manager system.
  • Call transaction SMSY.
  • Open Landscape Components.
  • If the system has not been defined yet: place the cursor on the Systems entry · [Right Mouse Button].
  • Enter the System ID, select the SAP product and product version. Press Save when finished.

To generate the key, System · Other object.

  • Mark System and enter the SID.
  • Press Generate Installation/Upgrade Key (key-shaped icon).
  • Enter the system number and message server host (without domain). Note that in some versions the system changes the host name to upper case, but this is of no importance.
  • Press Generate Key. The 10-character key value is displayed.

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