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Future support of SEM-BPS applications built in BPS0

There are some concerns over the future support of SEM-BPS applications built in BPS0 in view of SAP planned move...

of BPS into BW and the amount of time and effort it may take to migrate it into BW-BPS in Q1 2005. What is your opinion on that?

Right now, detailed migration plan is not available yet, but at a high level SAP says existing customers will have two options:

Option 1: Existing customers can upgrade to new BW version without migration and can continue using their existing SEM-BPS system. Only drawback will be, customers will not be able to use the new functionalities provided by BW-BPS (going forward new planning functionalities will only be available on BW based BPS).

Option 2: Upgrade and migrate to new version, in this case customers can start exploiting the new planning functionalities provided by BW-BPS (only planning objects need to be migrated).

In order to have a time/effort estimate we should have the detailed migration path, but I think it will be a technical migration and will not be time-consuming.

This was last published in March 2004

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