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Function module with PERNR output

In our SAP implemention, new employee data comes from an external system. I am looking for a function module that will accept the key information (first name, last name, org. unit, employee group, etc.) I'd also like it to create an employee and give me the employee number (pernr) as the output. Are there any standard function modules like hr_create_employee for this? I have searched lot of function modules in HR, but I was not able to find any function module which has PERNR as the output. You can investigate BAPI_PERSDATA_CREATE. You can use this method to create a Personal Data record (0002). Messages are transferred to the RETURN parameter. The relevant parameter documentation contains the return values and their meanings. The key fields used by the method are described in the parameter documentation. You can use this method only if you have called the ENQUEUE method of the business object EMPLOYEE beforehand. For more information on the ENQUEUE method, read the documentation on the function module BAPI_EMPLOYEE_ENQUEUE. Otherwise the following is the standard SAP legacy load solution: You can carry out the transfer of master data from the legacy system in two different ways: 1. Manually. This way is only really used in practice if: a) There are few employee records to be transferred, and b) The end users want to carry out such a transfer by way of "training on the job". 2. Automatically. You can use the report RPUSTD00 as model. This report imports a sequential file with the employee data and then fills infotype after infotype with this data by means of a batch input.

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