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Fully automated R/3 HR module

We need to fully automate the SAP R/3 HR module. Does HR have BAPIs that will create, update and delete employee information so that it does not have to be maintained manually?
In Germany, we used to have lots of jokes about a Soviet radio station called Radio Eriwan. They answered listeners' questions and the answer always started with "In principle, yes...". That is also the answer to your question. HR offers business object types like EmployeePersonalData, EmployeePrivAddress, EmployeeFamilyMember, etc. with BAPIs for the necessary operations. But these BAPIs are somewhat hard to use (i.e., you need to understand HR to some extent before being able to use them successfully). Also, there are some limitations (e.g., a field containing something (like middle initial) cannot be overwritten with nothing (space)). So it depends on your particular requirements whether the existing BAPIs will suffice or not. I am afraid you will have to try this out and see how far you get.

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