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From mechanical engineering to functional SAP

Hello, Ed. I am a mechanical engineer with more than 15 years of diverse experience in manufacturing. I am seriously planning to study SAP. As I have good business knowledge, I intend to take up the functional side.

Please advise me which module would be an appropriate one for my experience. I have the following experience:

  1. 3 years developing valves for the compressor industry
  2. 12 years as head of an aluminum die casting foundry, where I had demonstrated success in developing parts from the drawing stage up until shipment of parts
  3. 3 years as an outsourcing specialist
I am a one-stop source for OEMs for outsourcing their engineering parts requirements from overseas companies. My services include vendor identification and evaluation, follow-up on the orders placed from enquiry stage until delivery at the doorstep of the customer.

I also help companies in extending logistics like warehousing.
Based on your experience recital, I'm guessing that something in the supply chain management side of SAP would probably fit your background best. I'd urge you to investigate offerings available in the advanced planning and optimization (APO) module, particularly those items associated with demand planning and other related functions. That said, given your background in matters technical, you might also consider looking into the development-related side of their curriculum, as well.

Good luck with your further investigations, and thanks for posting.


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