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Freezing panes in a 3.0 Web report

In Excel you have the "freeze panes" functionality, so that top rows and columns are fixed while you scroll. How can the same effect be achieved in a 3.0 Web report?
There really is no suitable solution on the Web that mimics the functionality found in Excel. However, depending on the volume of data in your report, there are some satisfactory work-arounds. One is to use frames in your HTML page. You can type the static headings of your columns in the top frame, and scroll the report in the frame below. Not elegant, but it works. The second option is to maximize the number of data rows shown at a time, to say 25, and then use the BW navigation icons on the Web to flip pages, maintaining the headings. Both solutions require some work in the Web Application Designer. On a future note, there is a Web Analyzer available in version 3.5 that should replicate the freeze pane functionality from Excel.

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