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Forecast reports not reconciling back to FI AP/AR/GL and purchase/sales

We activated Treasury/Cash Management during our SAP FI/CO/MM/SD implementation. However, we have had issues regarding the Liquidity and Cash Forecast reports not reconciling back to FI AP/AR/GL and purchase/sales orders.

We have followed the configuration and master data settings and generated several standard TR programs to no avail. Please can you advise on the best process to follow in these situations?
Unfortunately, this is always an area of confusion for users, especially with releases prior to R/3 Enterprise. The reason that so many customers have trouble with this is that the planned amounts from the Liquidity Forecast will NEVER reconcile cleanly to the A/P & A/R open items or the purchase and sales orders. This is because the planned amounts used in the Liquidity Forecast take into account expected discounts, both the discounts that the system expects your A/P department to take when you are making payments to vendors and the discounts that the system expects your customers will take when paying your open A/R items. Additionally, the system, where applicable, manipulates the planning dates of the forecasted items based on customer/vendor payment history/check cashing history, which further muddies the water for reconciliation.

Finally, you must also keep in mind that prior to 4.7 Enterprise, the SAP system did not offer real-time drill-down access to underlying items from the Liquidity Forecast. Instead of drilling down to real-time A/P & A/R open items or Purchase and Sales Orders, which is the functionality available in Enterprise, drilling down in earlier releases leads to the A/P & A/R evaluation tree, which must be generated separately and is usually done as a nightly batch job.

In short, I am sorry to say, there is no simple way to do this reconciliation. Reconciling the Liquidity Forecast items to underlying items is a difficult, labor-intensive task that requires you to take the discount and planning date of each underlying item into account. Hopefully, you will be upgrading to R/3 Enterprise in the near future so that then, although you still have the discount issue to deal with, at least you will have access to the real-time drill-down functionality. This certainly makes the reconciliation task easier.

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