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First step to get into SAP consulting: apply

Learn how to proceed if you want to become an independent SAP consultant. Jon Reed, SAP career expert, gives his advice.

I've been studying and working in the SAP world for about six years and I'm ready for the next level. I am an SAP/Basis/hardware/DBA who wants to go to into full-time SAP consulting for contracting. How can I do this?
You get into the contracting business by applying for jobs. You can use the SearchSAP.com career center to get started. Based on the response you get to the jobs you apply for, you'll get a real good feel as to whether you are ready for the world of contracting or not. Readers of this column know that I usually never plug my own book in my column, but in your case I do want to point out that my SAP Consultant Handbook has a long section on becoming an independent SAP consultant that may be relevant to your plans.

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