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Finding the problem when SAPARCH is approaching 100%

When it is observed that SAPARCH is approaching 100%, what is the basic course of action in researching what is causing the problem and why is SAPARCH space so critical?
First of all for the whole community: Please, if you want good advice, be specific on what you are asking. Tell us the context, the SAP release, for DB issues the DB brand, release and patch level you are using and in case of a problem describe the nature of the problem.

In this case, I can only guess what the problem is. SAPARCH is the DB archive redo log written with every modification of the DB. If you have large amounts of DB changes in a relatively small time window, the archive log may run out of space. Many DB systems are designed to find the archive log on a streaming tape. In reality the log is written to a disk nowadays. That leads to the situation, that if the HD runs out of space, the system seems to hang, because only a laconic message appears on a console, telling that the log is full and a new medium should be inserted.

To find out what the cause is: read the log and see what table or table space is flooding the DB, this may give you sufficient hints to detect the causing application.

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