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Finding language-dependent statements in SAP ABAP

Need to find language-dependent statements in SAP ABAP? Learn how from application development expert Matt Billingham.

I want to find certain statements for the coding of function modules in an ABAP program, ie. language-dependent statements. I see the function modules in table TFDIR and their names in TFTIT, but where do I find the coding lines?
In TFDIR you'll find the program name of the function group to which the function module belongs and the number of the include. So, Z_TEST might be in function group ZTST, which has program name SAPLZTST. It could be the second function module in the group, so its include number will be 02. Therefore the coding for the function module will be in LZTSTU02.

You can use READ REPORT to get the source code, or the "internal use only" SCAN ABAP-SOURCE to get the tokenized...

version of the program. This latter method is quicker for finding keywords.

This was last published in November 2005

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