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Finding item details for an incoming invoice using workflow

Are you trying to find item details for an incoming invoice using workflow? Workflow/webflow expert Alon Raskin can help. Here he advises a user who is trying to find item details and display the details in the work item.

I am trying to get the item details of a particular incoming invoice (BUS2081) using workflows. As soon as the incoming invoice document is parked using transaction MIR7, I am triggering a workflow (using event BUS2081.PARKED), which contains a task to get the invoice details (the method is BUS2081.GetDetail()).

Is this the right way to get the item details? I would also like to display the item details in the work item.

Yes, that approch should work. I assume that you checked the container and that the information you were seeking was not there. If that is the case then make sure that your binding is OK. Perhaps you are not binding the instance for BUS2081 into the workflow properly.

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