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Finding info in HR Idocs

Which HR Idocs contain the following information:
1. Total hrs. of training in a subject area - safety procedures for example.
2. Courses of study
3. DOB
4. Social security # and/or National ID of some sort.
5. Workman's comp number.
6. Days off due to injury.
7. Hours worked.

Unfortunately I haven't memorized all of the Idoc fields but I can tell you how to find them.
The majority of what you are looking for will be located in HRMASTER01 or HRMASTER02. You can see all of the segments located by infotype here. To view a particular segment and see what if is has what you are looking for you can use transaction SM31 and give the segment or double click on that segment in SM30 and then select the segment editor.

This was last published in January 2003

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