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Finding database tables in SRM

Need to know the list of tables in SRM? Matt Billingham directs where to find the table list and specific transaction data using table DD02T.

Hi Matthew. I appreciate your technical expertise, you are a great help to us.

I am currently working on an SRM project. This is different from the usual SAP R/3 where I know ABAP. For instance,...

MARA and LFA1 don't exist here as database tables. Certainly I will need to be familiar with the new tables and fields to be able to use them with my ABAP programs. Is there a way or do you have a resource that lists all SRM database tables?

I don't know SRM but the same principles apply for finding out where data is. If I wanted to know all the tables, I'd look at the contents of table DD02T. If I want to find out where specific transactional data is stored, I'd use Run Time Analyzer or SQL trace.

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