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Finding a function module for outbound IDocs with custom segments

Learn how to find the function module associated with outbound IDocs when dealing with custom segments. NetWeaver guru Axel Angeli describes the process used to find process code or an Fn module.

How can I find the function module associated with an outbound processing of IDocs? I'm aware that we can find the function module through process codes, but we have custom segments to deal with.

The function module associated with the process code assigned here is a standard Fn module IDOC_OUTPUT_INVOIC. I checked, but there are no user exits also in the above Fn module. They actually copied the partner profiles from one system to another. I'm guessing there has been some change in the configuration, but I may be wrong.

The IDocs which I create now (manually from we19) do not contain any custom segment associated with it, but only has the standard SAP segments, so I thought maybe the process code is wrong.

How can I find the right process code or the right Fn module? I have two IDocs created before (when everything was fine). I reprocessed them manually from we19 and they create an IDoc which has the custom segments.

The function module is tied to the process code. The process code is then assigned in the partner profile to the NAST message used to trigger the IDoc. (The table is TEDI1).

The IDoc could also be sent explicitly by a program using MASTERIDOC_DISTRIBUTE. In that case, no customizing or processing would be used, but the function would be called to build the IDoc and then MASTERIDOC_DISTRIBUTE is called to send it out.

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