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Financial Transaction Release procedure issues

After the financial transaction was created, the workflow task is generated but it waits in step 1. approval in task TS2000223

I have set up the Financial Transaction Release procedure in workflow. I did the following:
Customized the workflow, the verify workflow customizing gives all result green.
Copied the workflow templates 20000139 trtmtr_dl_rl into 99800001 zrtmtr_dl_rl, 20000138 trtmtr_no_ch into 99800002 zrtmtr_no_ch.
Customized the standard role 20000034 trtmr_deal, defined agents for 1st and 2nd approval.
Defined the product types for release in Treasury customizing, and activated the approval event for template 9980001 BUS2042 event TO_BE_APPROVED.

The problem is that after the financial transaction was created the workflow task is generated but it waits in step 1. approval in task TS2000223.
In transaction SWI1 I see workitem with that task in status READY. The task has the correct agents found by role. I can make that approval manually in workitem, but the responsible persons, the agents did not receive the task into their Business Workplace.
I tried it with three persons defined for first/second agent in role 2000034, tried with only one and one person defined for 1st and 2nd agent. But it does not work. Can you help me, please?

I do not think that the number of agents matters. My suggestion is to try the following:

1. Check the Agent Assignment for Task TS2000223. Make sure that the agents that the Role resolves agents which are part of the Agent Assignment of the task. You could always change the task to a General Task to ensure that all agents can action this item. Only do this if truly all agents can action the task (this is unlikely for 'Approval' tasks).
2. I can see that Role 20000034 will not Terminate if the role resolution fails. Ensure that the Responsibilities defined are definitely returning some Agents. This can also be insured against by defining one 'Catch All' Responsibility.

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