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FTP connection for SAPServ4 downloads with an encrypted OSS connection

If you have an encrypted OSS connection and would like to set up an FTP connection for downloads, our Basis expert can help. Giovanni Davila advises a user who wants to download special files from directories at SAPServ4.

We changed our OSS connection from ISDN to encrypted over the Internet. How can I establish an FTP connection to SAPServ4 for downloading special files from directories at SAPServ4?
If you have your SAP router set up over an Internet VPN connection, you can use FTP to connect to SAPServ4. If you have an Internet SNC set up, however, that method will not work for you. In that case, you need to contact SAP and have them send you the files you need.

(That is, if you cannot find them at the SAP service marketplace).

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