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FI/CO jobs drying up -- where to go next?

Where is the area of FI/CO heading? I am working since more than 5 years in the FI/CO area, but I am experiencing increasing difficulties in gaining new contracts. A lot of these jobs is done in companies itself now. What would you recommend for areas to transfer into? Do you think it would be good to concentrate on industry-solutions?
FI/CO is not going anywhere. FI/CO is the core of the SAP product and is integral to much of the upgrade work that is going on now. There are all kinds of niches in FI/CO to focus on. In general, if you focus more on the strategic parts of FI/CO, as opposed to the basic transactional parts, you'll be in better shape. Focus on Treasury rather than Accounts Payable, Legal Consolidation rather than Accounts Receivable, Profitability Analysis rather than General Ledger. See my line of thinking here? Your question about industry solutions is interesting. I am not a huge fan of focusing on SAP's industry-specific solutions exclusively, as none of them are so universally popular to warrant such a focus, except for a few super-senior consultants. However, if you are able to focus primarily on implementations in one specific industry, such as consumer products, that could give you an edge. For example, on the www.mySAPcareers.com web site, we were recently working on an FI/CO position for someone with a deep background implementing SAP for consumer products customers. So that's where the industry-specific experience can pay off. Finally, in keeping with my usual advice for FI/CO types, I would recommend keeping an eye on SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management). Since SEM emphasizes the strategic aspects of SAP (as opposed to the transactional), it remains a potent "destination point" for senior FI/CO consultants.

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