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Exposure to mySAP ERP is a good career move

Read advice on how to get exposure in SAP's latest technology -- mySAP ERP -- in this expert tip.

I have six years of SAP ABAP experience and one year of MM functional experience. Since I am interested in pursuing a functional career I want to switch from MM to CRM. What do you suggest?
CRM could be a good area to move into because it's obviously hot. I rarely recommend training, but in your case, a CRM certification might help you to transition from one area of SAP to another (certification helps experienced consultants much more than it does those with no SAP background). If you have trouble making the move to CRM, you might be able to use some of your ABAP skills to get involved with some custom development on the CRM side. The key here is to use parts of your existing background to help you with the move.

It's possible your MM skills might tie in better to SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) than CRM, and while SRM is not as hot as CRM right now, you might want to stay open to that option to keep your options flexible. Another way forward might just be to follow the MM path right through into mySAP ERP land. There are a lot of upgrades pending, and getting exposure to the latest version of core SAP could also help you a lot as you try to make your moves.

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