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Export/print out IMG documentation

Is there any method or 3rd party software to export/print out IMG documentation concerning infotypes & MOL settings? In other words, what fields are visible/hidden in different screens in different countries (MOL)?
If you are working in a 4.6B or greater environment, you should be using Business Configurations (BC) sets. There are several articles that have been published the SAP Professional Journal about this. Also, there is a great deal of information in SAP's online help system. For the most part, as of Enterprise, all the bugs have been resolved and it is a very user friendly environment to track and document configurations. I have used this and would highly recommend it especially since it is a basic component and is free to most all R/3 implementations. You can find an article regarding BC sets in the January/February 2003 issue of SAP Professional Journal by Matthias Melich that can help. He has documented some lessons learned that may help you before you begin.

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