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Expanding beyond MM/FI/IS-U

I read through your previous articles and noticed that in the present market it is important to be a "specialist"...

in a certain niche. I have 5 years experience as a technical SAP consultant in MM/FI/IS-U. I also have about 3 years of functional experience in the Industry Solutions for Utilities module(IS-U). I want to learn more, but am not eager to get into the traditional modules. Should I stay focused on this module, or should I get experienced in one or more other Industry Solutions modules?

I like the sound of your current niche in the utilities industry. SAP has decent strength in utilities, and utility companies are relatively recession-proof - an important consideration in today's economy. I can understand your desire not to become another "general" SAP consultant, but the idea of moving into a different SAP Industry Solution doesn't sound like the right move to me. You want to head into areas where your current skills will be an asset, and I don't see how expertise in one Industry Solution lends itself to expertise in another. You simply can't master several industries at the same time. I do think that some core MM and/or FI skills would be good for you to maintain, just to give you some flexibility in terms of non-utilities industry positions. But a better direction for you might be to move into even more utility-focused expertise. For example, what about the SAP-CCS module, the "Customer Care and Service" functionality that is designed specifically for the utilities industry? You might be able to take good advantage of your functional utilities background to follow that industry and its latest SAP-related innovations. Eventually, CCS is supposed to be incorporated in SAP-CRM, so that CCS experience could take you in some very interesting directions. Whether it's SAP-CCS, leading into CRM, or simply deepening your expertise in IS-U, your industry specialization might serve you quite well. Just don't be too wary of the "traditional modules." Those are the core areas that allow you to "hedge your bets" and not put all your eggs in one basket.

This was last published in November 2002

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