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Exchanging data between SAP and MQ

We have inbound and outbound interfaces with non-SAP systems and we use Mercator along with MQSeries to send data in and out of SAP. Currently, we use Mercator to send and grab data from MQ.

Can you suggest of other ways to exchange data between SAP and MQ without having to use Mercator? We also use Mercator for data mapping (i.e., IDoc to flat file, IDoc to EDI, etc.) But since we have another group (that uses Mercator) to map the data for us, we would like to just send the IDoc to them via MQ and vice versa.

I understand that you basically use Mercator to map the EDI data into IDoc formats. This is the weak point of Websphere. You may do without Mercator but then you would simply bring in another IBM product, e.g., WBI (Websphere Business Integrator) that works after the same principle as Mercator.

Mercator is good stuff though, if not for licensing issues, I see no reason to abandon Mercator with today's alternatives. An example how EDI works together with Websphere is demonstrated in a live scenario in an IBM Redbook. Have a look for the Redbook on my page: netweaverguru.com. Look at the right pane with the book ads.

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