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Evalutating CRM B2B functionality

Wondering how to evaluate products to find a basic, low-cost B2B sales-order processing and status-checking process? Krishna Kumar advises a reader who is in the decision-making process.

We currently run R/3 4.6C on Windows with SQL Server. We own the entire mySAP.com suite; however, we have never implemented any of the components outside of core. We want to implement a basic, low-cost B2B sales-order processing and status-checking process. Should we be concentrating our efforts on online store or the Internet Sales R/3 Edition? What are the basic differences in functionality?
Since you own the entire business suite license, my first instinct would be to ask you to jump into the CRM – online solution. This obviously gives you access to some various powerful, CRM B2B functionality such as product catalog management, partner management, marketing analytics, click-streaming (for profiling your shoppers buying patterns). But since simplicity is key, I would ask you to evaluate the R/3 edition as well.

Some key elements for evaluation of a B2B solution are:

Provided by R/3 Provided by CRM
Product Catalog Yes Yes
Punch out Yes – but customization needed Yes
Partner Management Not easily implemented Yes
Business intelligence on shopping Customization required Yes
Payment Gateway Yes Yes
Invoicing, workflow Customization needed Yes
Product Configuration No, but IPC can be connected with some effort Yes, using IPC

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