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Evaluating CRM, online store and Internet Sales R/3 Edition

We currently run R/3 4.6C on Windows with SQL Server. We own the entire mySAP.com suite; however, we have never implemented any of the components outside of core. We want to implement a basic, low-cost B2B sales order processing and status checking process. Should we be concentrating our efforts on the online store or the Internet Sales R/3 Edition? What are the basic differences in functionality?
Since you own the entire business suite license, my first instinct would be to ask you to jump into the CRM – online solution. This obviously gives you access to some various powerful, CRM B2B functionality such as product catalog management, partner management, marketing analytics, click-streaming (for profiling your shoppers buying patterns). But since simplicity is key, I would ask you to evaluate the R/3 edition as well.

Some key elements for evaluation of a B2B solution are:

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