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Error with stand-alone knowledge search

We have installed CRM 4.0 SP5 on Host "abc". We upgraded the CRM system from 3.0 to 4.0 SP5 in October 2004, and the stand-alone knowledge search (transaction CRMM_SEARCH) was working fine before the upgrade.

After upgrading the CRM system, the stand-alone knowledge search (transaction CRMM_SEARCH) gives message "KNOWLEDGE BASE NOT COMPILED". One of our consultants suggested to install Software Agent Framework (SAF) 4.0 SP5. We installed SAF 4.0 SP7 and following pieces of software on different Host "xyz" as per SAF installation guide:

a) Necessary software for web application release 4.0:
- JDK1.3.1_13
- SAP J2EE Engine 6.20 PL28
- Java Connector 2.0 PL10
- SDM Tool 1.3/6.20 PL14
- Java Basic Libs 6.20 SP16
b) Trex 6.0 SP1
c) SAF 4.0 SP7

Are the above installations correct? If not, kindly suggest which software components are to be installed on which host. Do we need to install or configure anything else?

In order to resolve this problem, please check OSS notes 749328, 730956, 744665.

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