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Error with mobile on a desktop

I have installed mobile (demo) on a desktop machine. I am getting all mobile applications like sales, service, and system maintenance. I am able to log on, but I am getting a problem with mobile application repository (MAR)-- it's not loading properly. When I am trying to log on to MAS (appl:studio) by giving DSN-ars_db & USER-arsadmin, it's unable to connect to the database. The error I am getting is Ars central server recovery error: "lock manager recovery failed: please check the DSN in the properties file and inform the DB admin" -- I hope this is a problem with some locking system with MS-SQL. Do I need to do some setting with SQL before installing MAR?

Platform: win-2k & ms-sql

Try these steps: 1. Navigate to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services.
2. Invoke the process
"SAP STLS Service" -- if you are on a 3.0 or lesser than 3.0 Release.
"SAP MAR Central Service" --if you are on a 4.0 or greater than 4.0 Release
3. Check that it is in "Automatic" mode.
4. Invoke "Microsoft SQL Server"->"Enterprise manager"-> Your local machine->Data bases->ars_db->Tables. In the right hand side choose "RS_SYSTABLE".
5. Right click and choose "Return all rows".
6. In the returned rows, check the entry under column heading "Param", "ServerMachineName" and "RemoteSocketPort" entries. The "ServerMachineName" entry should point to the server machine and the "RemoteSocketPort" entry should point to the port on the server machine where the lock server is running.
7. Also check if the machine given by the value of "ServerMachineName" entry is recognized on your network.
In the command prompt type "ping " (without quotes). A ping to the machine name must succeed and must not return "Unknown host ". If this is the case (ping returns "Unknown host") replace the name of the machine with its IP address.
(Also ensure that this IP address is recognized on your network. Type in the command prompt "ping ")
7.1. To replace the machine name, in the returned rows in step (6), select the value of "ServerMachineName" and directly replace it with the IP address.
7.2. Tab out from this field for the changes to take effect

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