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Error with a customized workflow in ECM module

I have developed a customized workflow in ECM module. The business requirement is that whenever the status is 04, I need to send a work item to the initiator of the workflow. I created a task, and in that I assigned the agent as the initiator. When I triggered the workflow the work item is going to WF-BATCH (I noticed this after analyzing the work item SWI2_FREQ ). Can you help me?
It all depends on how you are triggering your workflow. It seems that the event is being raised by WF-BATCH (perhaps in a separate logical unit of work) and hence the work item is being routed to WF-BATCH. I would debug further and see how the event is being raised. If you find that the event is always being raised by WF-BATCH you may need to change your logic to determine the actual user that you want to route the work item to.

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