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Error while trying to post a FI document

Learn how to troubleshoot an error occuring while trying to post a FI document using transaction code we19. NetWeaver/ALE/IDoc expert Axel Angeli explains.

I am trying to post a FI document using transaction code we19. Below are the steps that I have performed. The message type is FIDCC1.

SCENARIO 1 - Without entering the business area. I enter the data into the segments and after checking the partner...

profiles I click Inbound Function Module /Standard Inbound.

After the IDoc is created I check the status. It says, "Accounting transaction not permitted for posting in FI/CO." I got the data checked from the functional consultant and the data was correct.

Scenario 2 . After entering the business area.
I clicked the Inbound Function module and I checked the status. It said, "Cross-system business area 1000 does not exist."

I guess it is a functional error, because if it was a technical error it would have given errors like, "partner profile not found," etc. Do you have a solution for this?

If you want to post cross-company IDocs you need to define a unique company code across the system. You can set the values in transaction SALE ->Modelling Business Scenarios ->Global Org Units->.

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