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Error when creating an automatic PO from a sales order

We are trying to create an automatic PO from a sales order in a 3rd party order scenario within the same company...

code. The automatic PO indicator is set in the "item" category of the sales order and no errors in the report RBDCUS26. But system dumps with the error. Any idea how to fix this?

----------DYNPRO_SEND_IN_BACKGROUND in program During background processing, the system attempted to send a screen to a user.
Current screen: "SAPMSSY0 " 0120.
The error happens when during background processing a popup screen shall be displayed. This happens when an unexpected situation occurs. It is extremely difficult to find out where the error happens, you need to make extensive use of the debugger. One hint: the screen that causes your problem is ABAP list output. I presume that there is some user exit that tries to display an error message or similar. You need to identify this exit and bypass execution of the display by checking SY-BATCH or S-BINPT flags.

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