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Error running SAP IDES 4.7 on Windows 2000 server

Bert Vanstechelman addresses an error that a user has regarding her SAP IDES 4.7 program.

I installed SAP IDES 4.7 on my PC on a Windows 2000 server. SAP was working well. Now when I start the SAP server from Windows 2000 the dispatcher starts and stops immediately. It shows following processes on the right side of the MMC:

strdbs.cmd started
msg_server.exe running
disp+work.exe running, message server connection ok, dialog queue time 0.00 sec

And with the WPtable all 0-12 processes change from 'Run' to 'Ended' after some time. The server color changed to green. After some seconds, the dispatcher was automatically stopped and the server name changed to yellow.

When I try to log on, it shows the following message:

Partner not reached (host ERP, service sapdp00)
Component NI (network interface)
Release 620
Version 36
Module ninti.c
Line 979
Method Nipconnect2
Return code -10
System call SO_ERROR
Error No 10061
Error Text WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused
Counter 1

Please can you help me with the step-by-step process to rectify the above problem?

Verify the SAP developer traces which reside in <DRIVE>:usrsap<SID><INSTANCE>work. There should be a trace file for each work process (naming convention dev_w<number>). The dispatcher logs its messages in dev_disp, the message server uses file dev_ms. Are there any messages in there which suggest that the work processes were unable to connect to the database? Is it complaining about memory shortage?

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